Meet the Man Behind the "Footgolf for All" Movement

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

Premier FootGolf Founder Foley is no stranger to the sports world. His love of sports led him to be a top college athlete in the sport of golf where he’s even participated at the professional level.

Throughout his life-long sports journey he has made golf his passion. For the last 20+ years he has worked in the industry in many capacities, including professional coach, equipment manufacturer and business owner. He’s owned his own golf businesses and facilities and served in leadership roles for many others. His business and professional efforts have generated over $14.3 million in revenue for many organizations including his own.

On top of being an entrepreneur, he positioned the Brickyard Crossing as a “destination for the golfing experience” by creating the first full service golf academy at the Brickyard. He also is one of Indiana’s only PGA Tour Certified Instructors.

Current Mission: Footgolf

Foley’s current mission is to further the adoption of footgolf. As the owner of one of only two footgolf manufacturing companies in North America and a footgolf course developer and designer, he has introduced the exciting new sport to nearly 5,000 players of all ages.

Sam Foley took what he loved and knew, ran with it, and hasn’t looked back since. “Encouraging and helping people master the great –and difficult--game of golf has been tremendously rewarding. And now I am dedicated to bringing the simple yet revolutionary game of footgolf to the masses. I wouldn’t change my career for the world.”

"Footgolf for All" Movement

Sam is on a mission to encourage people of all ages to get outdoors, get away from the computer, phone or TV screen – and build stronger minds, bodies and relationships through sport.

The exciting new sport of footgolf, to be exact.

“Footgolf for All” is a campaign he developed not only to build awareness and adoption of this fun game, but to join other organizations in the mission to promote the role recreation plays in the growth, development and mental and physical health of all people.

America’s children continue to face serious health issues including rising rates of chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes, and this coincides with an increased prevalence of sedentary lifestyles.

Public parks offer affordable and accessible recreation opportunities for all ages. And by making footgolf more prevalent and accessible in America’s parks, we are supporting the mission of parks and rec agencies all over the US which is to enhance quality of life and bring communities together.

Through Ssam's Premier Footgolf "Footgolf for All" campaign, he aims to install footgolf courses throughout America’s urban and rural parks making this unique recreational opportunity more accessible.

Please help Sam kick off this initiative and increase opportunities for people of all ages and socioeconomic factors to be more physically active in their communities.

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