What Sets FootGolf Apart From Golf?

FootGolf is often compared to golf because of the shared rules and the fact that FootGolf is typically played on a golf course. However, FootGolf and golf are two completely different sports. Do you really need to play FootGolf on a golf course? The answer is no! Sure, the manicured turf of a golf course is nice but couldn't a FootGolf course be placed in just about any outdoor space?  In fact, Premier FootGolf has sold FootGolf equipment to churches, parks, schools, summer camps, disc golf courses and even private property owners.

FootGolf is distinct from golf mostly because it has the potential to be played almost anywhere. Because of this, the next step in expanding the sport of FootGolf will be increasing the amount of non-golf course FootGolf courses in communities all over the country. FootGolf courses located at golf courses almost always require the players to pay fees in order to pay. We believe the future of FootGolf includes much more accessibility to the sport in public places.

How can you help bring FootGolf to parks, schools and other places within your community? Consider contributing to our FootGolf For All movement. Visit https://www.gofundme.com/footgolfforall for more information!

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