Why is FootGolf so Great? Thoughts by Premier FootGolf's Founder, Sam Foley

Why am I, a 35 year golf professional such an ardent FootGolf advocate? Because I have seen first hand what the sport can do for facilities, individuals and for groups of people.

FootGolf brings people together and allows them to have fun while engaging in an activity that is friendly for all kinds of people. I’ve seen three generations enjoying each other’s company by playing FootGolf and getting some exercise while doing it. Playing FootGolf requires only a soccer ball and course fees (if any) to play, making it an affordable activity as well. As affordable, fun, and family friendly as it is, the sport of FootGolf has a great future ahead of it.

Footgolf is a hybrid of Soccer and golf, which are two of the world's most popular sports. People who enjoy either or both of those sports would undoubtedly enjoy FootGolf as well. Because of this, FootGolf has the potential to someday be as big of a sport as soccer and golf.

If you'd like to try FootGolf yourself, now is the perfect time! Shortee's Golf Course at 1775 E 96th Street is offering rounds of FootGolf for just $5 through the rest of July.

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