Why is the Premier Footgolf Cup the Best in the Market?

We believe the Premier FootGolf Official Cup to be superior to any cup on the market due to its design and playability.

These are the important factors to consider when purchasing your cups:

1. FootGolf cups are semi-permanent unlike golf cups which get moved around regularly on the golf greens.

2. Wear and tear is going to happen. Choose a cup design that provides maximum playability with minimal erosion impact.

3. Maintenance should be minimal unless grass grows over the edges or soil collapses in and around the cup. A cup with a sturdy "LIP" is superior to a "LIPLESS" cup.

This aluminum cup is prone to denting which is permanent.

This cup WITHOUT a lip invites erosion due to FootGolfers stepping on the edges.

In many cases grass will grow down over the edge of the cup unless constantly maintained.

The Premier Official FootGolf cup features a sturdy lip so as to not allow erosion and collapse of the turf surrounding the cup due to continual foot traffic. The lip feature will also allow the cup to retain the 21 inch interior diameter. The strong polypropylene plastic is UV treated and will retain a clean, fade resistant appearance for the lifetime of the product.

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